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Groupe FP is a company specialized in embroidery. Our market goes beyond Portuguese borders. We do the following types of embroidery services for companies and/or individuals:

Industrial Embroidery: we develop several types of embroidery for companies of the textile industry and final customers, manufacture in series!
Customized Embroidery: we develop custom embroidery for professionals or individuals. Send us your suggestion! We can embroider your idea for different types of application.
Embroidery Films: for embroidery companies that do not have their own software, we create the embroidery film and deliver it in a compatible format.
Additional Services: shipping/receiving, packaging and quality control.


Applies to all articles with flat surfaces, with compositions without too fine details and of considerable format, producing a dense impression. It consists of the printing of direct ink of one or more colors (printed separately), using a frame on which is photographed the photolith that contains the logo.

Ideal process for obtaining speed and printing solutions with a considerable area for advertising campaigns and logos.


This process consists of the alliance between fingerprint and heat. It allows printing without a color limit, on a special paper (transfer), that applied on the article, through the pressure and the heat, results in the printing.

Ideal process for all type of article and always in four-color process. It allows pre-printing, that is, your logo is pre-printed, and is only applied to articles tailored to your needs. This allows you to manage delivery times, choose different articles to apply the logo, avoid the preparation costs and get a high quality.


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